Most Important Principles of Success

Success PrinciplesIn this post I am going to reveal some principles of success that are used by many men and women to become successful in every aspect of life since many decades. I studied these principles and applied these principles day in and day out and now I enjoy great success in my life.

I shared these principles with the mother of two who worked as a news anchor. She was so amaze with my success and when I shared these success principles with her, she became very skeptical at first. So I convince her by saying “if you apply these principles and still don’t see any success after 12 months I will come to you and hand over $1000 check to you”. After 9 months I meet with her in National Speaker Conference in Orlando and she told me she not only doubled her income but also completed writing a book and it will publish next month. She gets all these changes in just 9 months.

I believe that if you follow these principles in your life you can also enjoy great deal of success in your life. All you want to do is to decide what you want, believe you deserve it and apply these success principles. It really doesn’t matter if you want to become multimillionaire, a leading salesperson in your company, a successful businessman, model, successful entrepreneur, a rock star or a professional athlete – these principles for success will remain constant. And if you apply these principles in your life every day then you will find yourself completely changed and successful person.

Let’s take a look on these principles of success:

Principle #1 – Take 100% Responsibilities Of Your Life:

In this American Society, we believe that someone is responsible for our life because we exist. We keep on believing that there is someone who will fill our life with lots of happiness, great business opportunities and a blissful relationship. But we don’t try to achieve them. Your success is depends on how much you take your responsibilities.

You are the only person who is responsible for your results, your relationship, your health and fitness, your debts and your life. But we are not ready to take our responsibilities. Instead we like to blame someone outside us for the part of life we don’t like. We blame our parents, bosses, employees, clients, friends, media, economy and lack of money. In short we are ready to blame anyone and everyone. Instead of looking where the real problem is – ourselves.

To achieve the real success in your life and want to achieve things that are important in your life then you have to take 100% responsibilities of your life – Anything less will not do it.

Principle #2 – Have Purpose of Your Life:

Life PurposeI believe that everyone is born with a purpose. Identifying, acknowledging and following it with passion are some steps that every successful person did once in his life. If you want to become successful in your life then have purpose in your life.

When there is no purpose in your life then it you are sidetracked in your life journey and you feel you have no resources to achieve your dream success.

However, if you are ‘on purpose’ in your life then everything seems falling in your place. By having purpose in your life means you love what you do, doing what you’re good at and accomplishing what’s important to you. When you are ‘on purpose’ you will see people, resources and opportunities start attracting towards you. Additionally when you love what you do world will benefit as well because when you work for your true life purpose all your actions will automatically serve other.

Principle #3 – Decide What You Want:

This is important step for getting success in your life. Most people can’t able to decide what is success to them? They don’t know what they want to be?

It is very important for you to know what you want to do in your life? What do you want to experience and what profession you want to acquire? In the journey of where you were to what you want to be, you have to decide what you want to be in your life.

Write down answers in a piece of paper and share it with your friends who are positive and suggestive with you. It may be possible you feel by sharing your goals, your friends may think your goals are too unrealistic, materialistic and impossible to achieve. But the fact is everyone has these thoughts hidden down in deep heart. Everyone wants to live with complete financial freedom, a blissful relationship, spending time with friends and family and doing what they love to do. When you will share these goals, some friends may help you in making them reality while other friends introduce you with new friends that can help you in achieving these goals.

Additionally, every time you share these goals with your friends, you strengthen your subconscious belief that you can achieve them.

Principle #4 – Believe It’s Possible:

Lack of belief is the number one reason that blocks you from winning in this world.

Best-selling writer Napoleon Hill once said, “Whenever the mind can conceive and believe, it is achieve”.

This is very true because your brain is such a powerful tool that it can make anything possible for you. The only thing your brain needs is YOUR BELIEVE

Scientists who previously think that humans behave on the bases of information that brain receive from outside world are now start agreeing that human respond to brain on basis of information about previous life experiences and expects to happen next.

For example, doctors in Texas while studying the affect of knee surgery on human brain divided few men with sore and worn-out knee into three groups. The first group is provided with knee replacement surgery, second group will knee cleaning and third group with ‘nothing’ operation.

During the ‘nothing’ operation, scientists create three indication on knees as if they inserted their surgical instruments and pretended to operate. Shocking after two years ‘nothing’ group received same relief from pain as does the group that receive actual treatment. This is because brain are expected the ‘surgery’ to improve their condition and it did.

This is why it is necessary to fill your mind with lots of positive expectations. When you replace negative expectations with positive expectations in your brain your start believing what you want is actually possible.


If you want to become successful in every aspect of your life then you have to create positive thoughts in your mind. There is the problem known as thoughts elevators that will give you step-by-step technique to create positive thinking in your mind and achieve whatever you desire in your life.


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