Is Law of Attraction Real? Find The Answers Here

You have probably heard about law of attraction and how it changes life of many people around the world. On one hand, many people claims that law of attraction has changed their life in positive way while some people on other hand complain about law of attraction and feel it doesn’t work.

Now the question that comes in everyone mind, is law of attraction real?

Is Law of Attraction Real?

If you are looking to get success in your life doesn’t matter either you want to buy a new house or get new job or want to purchase new car then you are shooting yourself on the foot by not finding more about law of attraction.

Is Law of Attraction RealIf you search about law of attraction then you will find lots of information about it … but is this theory enough to find if law of attraction really works?

If you closely read the interviews of millionaires and successful businessmen then you will discover some of them talk about law of attraction and principles of success. Your may first think what the heck is this law of attraction?

Law of Attraction isn’t something new. In past, people have used this law of attraction to achieve success in their life and still people like Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey are using law of attraction to achieve their success. By avoiding the topic of Law of Attraction you are missing out great opportunity to achieve success in your life.

I start studying and applying Law of Attraction in my life couple of years back and now I am feeling satisfied with my life and living happily with my beautiful wife.

If you are beginner and you haven’t heard about Law of Attraction in past then I would like to suggest you to watch the video in which you will get basic understanding about quantum physics. Having basic information about quantum physics is important for finding more about Law of attraction. This video will explain how atoms work that make it easy for you to understand about law of attraction.

This video will further explain how each and everything on Earth is energy and transmits unique frequency to interact with each other. If these words making you confuse then watch video below:

How is Law of Attraction Real?

Albert Einstein who created the formula e=mc2 … the theory of relativity is the smartest guy in the world. Thomas Edison who has created a light bulb and holds numerous patents is simply genius.

The common thing in between these two smartest people was they both said one same thing and that was… Human Brain is the transmitter and receiver of frequency. They both believe that every human cell emits a different frequency.

Scientist has already proved that everything in this world i.e TV, rock, steel, wood, tree etc is made up of energy and they contain unique frequency.

A frequency is same as vibration which is also can be called as energy… Your DNA contains frequency, every cell in your body contain frequency which is also called energy.

This frequency is as same as radio waves that pass through all different objects. For example if you are inside your room and you have old transistor radio with you. If you turn it on then your transistor radio will start catching frequencies that is send either from satellite or transmitter that are far away from your home.

Scientists do agree that frequencies and vibrations exist but they fail to describe how frequencies pass through all objects in your home such as solid steel, glass, wood, brick etc.

The answer is maybe frequencies should be deal at the quantum physiques level that is smaller than molecule, small than atom, smaller than anything that exist in the entire universe. This is frequency

Human Brain Frequencies Are They Real?

law of AttractionAccording to Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, human brain is a transmitter and also a receiver or frequencies. They said that human brain send signals that can be receive by other physical matter or human brain at the same time with the same energy.

Human brain and radio transistor both can receive frequencies but human brain has unique feature that radio doesn’t have…

This unique feature is…

Radio frequencies travel in the same line that means if your radio is receiving signals from satellite then you need other satellite to bounce off the signals and travels frequencies to other part of the world but your brain frequencies doesn’t need any of these satellites. Your brain frequencies travel with no restriction of time and space and they can by picked by other physical matter or human brain.

I know this sound little intense to you now.

If you have watched the video above then it explain how electrons are exist as a wave and a particle collectively until they are observed. They display that they are basically one unit.

It may be getting mind blogging for you…

Your Brain Frequencies Are Real:

You just have to consider that your brain frequencies are as real as anything else in the world. Just because you can’t put your imaginations in box and can’t weight them doesn’t mean your imagination is not real. They are real and they do exist…

Your imagination contains neurons and they have potential to manifest themselves whenever right situation occurs. Like the person who first build telephone or the person who create internet.

You also have to program your mindset and once the right situation occurs your desires will manifest themselves and by learning law of attraction you will find out how to attract things and situations in your life.


I personally believe Law of Attraction is real because by following the principles of law of attraction I have achieve amazing results. There are many stories from people who utilize law of attraction and achieve success in their life. Go and read them if you still have any doubts about it.

If you start believing law of attraction is real then I would recommend you to go and read my review on Eric Taller’s Thought Elevators. It covers everything that you need to know about attracting things in your life.


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